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About Us

Charting a Course For the Sustainable Future

Welcome to ERKMAN SBS, where sustainability meets expertise. As pioneers in sustainability reporting, we adhere to GRI and SASB standards, specialise in integrated reporting, and offer advisory services in the circular economy, and follow-up of legislation, work for client's adaptation to legislations. Our multidisciplinary team, comprising experienced lawyers, engineers, and CPAs, combines legal acumen with technical proficiency to deliver comprehensive solutions. From calculating carbon and water footprints to driving sustainable practices, we're dedicated to shaping a greener, more responsible future. 

Our Story

In the dynamic landscape of global and Turkish legal services, ERKMAN SBS emerges as the sign of innovation and sustainability. Our story begins with a visionary team that keenly follows the ever-evolving developments in the world and Turkiye. This team, inspired by a commitment to excellence, has responded to the demands and incentives presented by both national and international clients. 

The roots of ERKMAN SBS trace back to esteemed ERKMAN Law Firm, a trustworthy in the legal arena since its establishment in 1982. Over the decades, ERKMAN Law Firm has cultivated a reputation for legal excellence and a determined to sustainability. Our team of lawyers, the driving force behind ERKMAN SBS, specialises in navigating the intimate realm of sustainability with precision and dedication. 

At the heart of our practice is a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between legal frameworks and sustainable practices. ERKMAN Law Firm doesn't just meet the expectations of clients; we exceed them by integrating sustainability into the core of our legal services. We believe that sustainable legal practices are not only ethically sound but also essential for the longevity of businesses in a rapidly changing world.

In addition to our experienced lawyers from ERKMAN Law Firm, we have brought together a diverse group of experts associated with sustainability. This dynamic collaboration ensures that we have a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise in the realm of sustainability. 

As we look to the future, it's a commitment to fostering a sustainable and equitable future. 

Our Connections

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