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LL.M., Attorney at Law,

ERKMAN SBS Corporate Sustainability Director


Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkiye

-  LL.M. in Economy and Energy Law - GPA 3,65/ 4,00

Başkent University, Ankara, Turkiye

- LL.M. in Private Law - GPA 3,51/4,00

Kırıkkale University, Kırıkkale, Turkiye

-The Bachelor of Laws Degree



Work Experience

August 2022- ...

Jan 2015- Jul 2022

Erkman SBS

Corporate Sustainability Director

Özsoy Law Office

Founder- Attorney at Law

About Me


My journey to pursue a career combining legal expertise with sustainable development has been a fabric of learning and development. In 2015, I started working as a freelance lawyer as the Founder and Attorney at Law of ÖZSOY Law Firm. Over the seven years, I honed my legal skills by working closely with clients and handling a variety of cases that broadened my horizons. During this time, I also specialized in Economics and Energy Law at Hacettepe University, completing my master's degree with a GPA of 3.65/4.00, as I have always been passionate about the dynamic interaction between law and business. After this academic journey, I continued with Başkent University and successfully completed the Private Law Thesis Master's Program with a GPA of 3.51/4.00. Additionally, in a globalizing economy, understanding the legal frameworks that govern international investments is crucial, and I published my book, “International Investment Law and International Investment Arbitration”. Because I found myself captivated by investment law in an increasingly interconnected world where global investments and cross-border commercial transactions have become the norm. In additional, factoring is a financial practice is used by companies to manage their cash flows.  I published my book "Factoring Agreement" which presented a fascinating intersection of law and commerce. These publications reflect my determination to contribute to the field of law. In August 2022, I started a new page as Legal Coordinator and Sustainable Process Manager at ERKMAN Sustainability Business Solution Consulting Company. Because this role aligned my background in commercial and investment law with my commitment to sustainable business practices and offered an exciting platform to drive positive change. I continue to hold numerous professional certifications in various fields of sustainability include Environmental Law, Climate Justice, Corporate Sustainability, Carbon Foot printing and more. Through a continuous cycle of learning, application and innovation, I am committed to making a meaningful impact in the legal and sustainable development fields.

- Integrating the SDGs into Sustainability Reporting(GRI Academy, 14.02.2024))
- Reporting on Human Rights with the GRI Standards ( GRI Academy, 11.02.2024)
- Reporting with the GRI Standards, ( GRI Academy, 18.11.2023)

- Introduction to Sustainability Reporting and the GRI Standards (GRI Academy, 18.12.2023)

-Environmental Law and Climate Justice (UNDP, TOBB Economy and Technology University, Ankara Bar Association, Netherlands Embassy 5-11.06.2023) 

-Sustainable Development Specialization Program (İstanbul Technical University 1.11.2022-11.12.2022)

-Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculation Training (ICTSERT Consultancy and Training Academy- 17.10.2022)

-Economic Crimes in Light of Supreme Court Practices (Ankara Bar Association 27.02.2015)

-Tax Evasion Crime (Ankara Bar Association 25.03.2015)

-Forgery of Documents Crimes (Ankara Bar Association 28.04.2015)

-Health Law Advanced Education Certificate Program (TÜRAVAK 17-19.05.2019 )

-Actuarial Caused Qualified Calculations Expertise Training Certificate (Başkent University 18-20.01.2019)

-Qualified Calculations Based on Family and Inheritance Legislation Expertise Training Certificate (Başkent University 15-17.02.2019)

-Mediation Training in Legal Disputes (Hacettepe University 06.03.2019-06.04.2019)

-Expertise Basic Training Certificate (Baskent University 8-11.02.2019)

-Execution Training Program (Ankara Bar Association 26.10.2019)

-Legal Aid Training Seminar (Ankara Bar Association 07.04.2019)

-Turkish Criminal Legislation and Practices Certificate Program (Ankara Bar Association September 2016)

-Usury Crime (Ankara Bar Association 25.02.2015)

-Consumer Law in the Light of the New Consumer Law No: 6502 (Ankara Bar Association 14.02.2015)

-Drug and Stimulant Substance Crimes (Ankara Bar Association 28.05.2015)

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  •  International Investment Law and International Investment Arbitration

  •  Factoring Agreement


Published Articles

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İlkbahar Mah., 596. Sok. No: 4/3

Yıldız - Çankaya ANKARA  |  Tel: + 90 312 446 11 86

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